Funding Sources

A variety of funding opportunities exist for historic preservation-related projects across Arizona and the nation. Review the list below and click on the links for more information. If you know of additional financial resources or have questions, contact us!


Two key funding sources do not exist in Arizona. The Arizona Preservation Foundation participates in efforts to make the Arizona Heritage Fund whole again and to determine the feasibility of creating a State Investment Tax Credit.

  • The Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund, enacted by Arizona voters in 1990, was de-funded by the State Legislature and removed from statute in 2010. The Fund was restored in the 2019 legislative session thanks to advocates and a bipartisan group of state legislators, led by Senator Kate Brophy McGee (R-Phoenix), who sponsored Senate Bill 1241. Arizona Lottery monies are not available until 2029, so the Fund needs to be supported by grants, donations, and direct appropriations until then.


  • Arizona has not enacted a State Investment Tax Credit to coincide with the Federal Investment Tax Credit.