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Our History


We've been collecting files, folders, and banker's boxes from past Arizona Preservation Foundation presidents. Our goal now is to review and organize the materials. One item we just found is a brief history of the organization from 1989 to 1996. Once it's reprinted below, we'll begin to fill in the blanks from before 1989 and after 1996 from the other documentation, so stay tuned!


  • February: Adopted marker program with free APF membership with purchase of a marker. Solicitations to be made through City preservation offices and State Property Tax Reduction List.

  • June: Adopted advocacy goals and objectives, education Committee goals and objectives, and policy for Board composition

  • October: Adopted intervention policy

  • December: Adopted bricks and mortar policy


  • April: Co-sponsored Arizona Heritage Fund drive

  • October: Adoption of Board structure/committee list: Advocacy, Fundraising, Education/Public Relations, Stewardship, and Administrative/Executive


  • February: Adopted Fundraising Report proposals, including (1) Preservation Assistance Fund, (2) Preservation Incentive Fund, and (3) Image Buyer Money Fund

  • April: Designated representative to HPAC meetings, established liaison to SHPO, and adopted Board member expense reimbursement policy

  • June: Adopted the Advocacy Committee's Most Endangered Properties List and purchased a display board for speaking engagements

  • December: Discontinued the Fundraising and Education/Public Relations Committees, but added an Annual Conference, Governor's Awards, Membership, and Development committees. Adopted the Valentine's Day Raffle.


  • February: Reported 181 paid members and a total of 247 members. Main Street agreed to participate with APF in the Governor's Awards with SHPO approval. APF's share of any project regarding the 1992 Grant Solicitation document will be limited to $5,000.

  • June: Agreed to sponsor the Ruby Mines Heritage Fund application

  • August: Cindy Myers submitted an application for an Ad 2 Phoenix public service grant. The Historic Commercial Property Act becomes law on September 30, 1992.

  • October: Established a Grants Oversight Committee upon the news that Ruby Mines receives a $28,750 Heritage Fund grant 



  • January: Received unofficial advice from SHPO that APF take third-party position on all endangered properties to keep apprised of their status

  • July: 145 attended the Governor's Awards

  • August: Discussed adoption of guidelines/criterial for groups seeking APF sponsorship for APF applications. SHPO supports APF receiving a 10-15% administrative fee for sponsorship.

  • December: Approved Elizabeth Ruffner's Southern Arizona Education Project. Formed a committee to develop criteria for procedures to administer and monitor future Heritage Fund grants. 


  • February: Discussed a Grant Guidelines policy. Printed the Adobe Book in Spanish (although the supply of the English-language version was exhausted).

  • April: Adopted Grant Guidelines policy in combination with the Bricks and Mortar Project and previously adopted Intervention Policy

  • July: The Pueblo Grande Museum's conference room was offered rent-free with letter of affiliation and submittal of APF's bylaws. 107 attended the Governor's Awards in Flagstaff. Heritage Fund deadline for APF's sponsorship was established for June of each year. 

  • September: Doug Kupel submitted his final Stewardship Committee report asking APF to consider the future of the committee

  • December: Adopted membership policy to carry unpaid members for three years. Follow-up on ex officio Board member from SHPO and how APF can be effective with unfunded Heritage Fund grants.


  • April: Received report from Bob Graham on his trip to the Western Statewides meeting in Portland

  • June: Applied for a Heritage Fund grant for a statewide preservation newsletter

  • October: 25 attended the conference

  • November: Made arrangements to advertise APF and Historic Preservation Week on Bashas' grocery bags. Richard Nearing will create the artwork.

  • December: Adopted APF Newsletter policies and Roberta Graham offered to be editor. Agreed to purchase a state-of-the-art computer.


  • February: Learned that Lone Mountain Ranch wanted to donate an easement to APF

  • March: Received a $2,000 check from the National Trust for Historic Preservation as the Western Region statewide winner

  • April: Pam Jones and Shereen Lerner agreed to represent APF on a City of Phoenix committee on Tovrea Castle land options 

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