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Legal Resources and Studies on Historic Preservation in Arizona (Under Development)

Legal Documents


Welcome to the Arizona Preservation Foundation's legal resources page, where you'll find a comprehensive collection of documents and guidelines related to historic preservation in Arizona. These resources are designed to assist property owners, preservationists, and legal professionals in navigating the legal landscape of historic preservation.


Key Legal Documents:


  1. Arizona State Historic Preservation Act: The foundational legal framework for preserving historic properties in Arizona.

  2. National Register of Historic Places: Guidelines and criteria for listing properties in the National Register.

  3. Local Preservation Ordinances: Information on ordinances specific to cities and towns across Arizona.

  4. Tax Incentives and Grants: Documents outlining available financial incentives for historic preservation projects.

  5. Preservation Easements: Legal agreements that protect historic properties through voluntary restrictions on alterations and developments.

  6. Zoning and Land Use Regulations: Local and state regulations affecting the use and modification of historic properties.


These documents are vital for understanding the legal protections and responsibilities associated with historic properties. They ensure that preservation efforts comply with state and federal laws, promoting the safeguarding of Arizona's cultural heritage.


Studies on the Benefits of Historic Preservation


In addition to legal resources, we provide access to a range of studies highlighting the significant benefits of historic preservation in Arizona. These studies illustrate how preserving our historic sites contributes to various aspects of community well-being.


Key Studies:


  1. Economic Impact of Historic Preservation: Demonstrates how preservation activities generate jobs, stimulate investment, and boost local economies.

  2. Environmental Benefits: Explores the role of historic preservation in promoting sustainability through the conservation of resources and reduction of waste.

  3. Social and Cultural Impact: Highlights how preserving historic sites fosters community pride, enhances cultural identity, and provides educational opportunities.

  4. Public Health and Well-being: Investigates the connection between historic environments and improved public health outcomes, including mental health benefits.

  5. Tourism and Heritage Education: Shows how historic preservation attracts tourism and provides rich educational experiences for residents and visitors alike.


These studies underscore the multifaceted value of historic preservation, supporting the case for maintaining and protecting Arizona’s historic assets.


Accessing Resources


All legal documents and studies are available for download on our website. We encourage you to explore these resources to better understand the legal aspects and broader benefits of historic preservation in Arizona. For more information or assistance with specific legal queries, contact us at Together, we can ensure the enduring legacy of Arizona's historic treasures.

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