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Arizona Preservation Tracker 


The Arizona Preservation Tracker is an innovative tool developed by the Arizona Preservation Foundation, serving as a comprehensive repository for information on historic properties across the state. Crafted through the collaboration of a dedicated Goucher College student under the Goucher Micro-internship Program, this initiative aligns with the Foundation's commitment to preserving Arizona's rich cultural and architectural heritage. 


Structured to facilitate efficient data management, the Tracker compiles information from the Foundation and numerous local preservation organizations. The tool catalogs data on threatened historic properties, those under vigilant observation, and successfully preserved landmarks. The goals of the Tracker are twofold: first, to keep an extensive record of historic properties, and second, to engage with local residents, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in safeguarding, preserving, and promoting the properties listed on the Tracker within their respective communities.

AZ preservation tracker.png
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