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Success Stories!

The Arizona Preservation Foundation partners with numerous local, state, and national preservation organizations, agencies, and advocates to keep tabs on key issues and threatened properties throughout the state. We're always looking for support for all preservation-minded Arizonans.


If you wish to bring something to our attention, advocate for a particular issue or threatened property, or volunteer, contact us!

Broadway Boulevard, Tucson (Pima County)

Broadway Boulevard

Tucson (Pima County)

Alert Status: Progress!


Duke Photography

Phoenix (Maricopa County)

Alert Status: Progress!

Camp Naco, Huachuca City (Cochise County

Camp Naco

Bisbee (Cochise County)

Alert Status: Progress!


Mountain View Officers' Club

Sierra Vista (Cochise County)

Alert Status: Progress!

City Center Motel Phoenix.jpg

City Center Motel

Phoenix (Maricopa County)

Alert Status: Progress!


State Parks Heritage Fund FY21 & FY22


Alert Status: Progress!

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