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FAQs For You!

Mark your calendar for October 19-21, 2022 for the 2022 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference. While you're thinking about and preparing for the conference, here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.



  • Who plans the conference? The conference is planned by representatives from the following organizations: Arizona Preservation Foundation, Arizona State Historic Preservation Office, Arizona Site Stewards Program, and City of Yuma.


  • What is the main conference facility for 2022? Information coming soon!


  • Who attends? Advocacy groups, tribal leaders, state and local government leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, legislators, archaeologists, architects, cultural resource managers, city planners, developers, preservation enthusiasts, students, lecturers, authors, professors, homeowners, historic preservation commissioners, non-profit organizations, museum administrators, archivists, energy experts and leaders, contractors, private consultants in historic preservation, and countless others who understand the value of adaptive reuse, sustainability, and the importance of preserving sites and culturally significant resources for future generations.


  • What type of speakers and session leaders are present? Local, domestic, and international speakers are often our keynote speakers, presenters, and session leaders at the conference. Many of the speakers are entrepreneurs, authors, lecturers, and leaders in the historic preservation industry and community. Some speakers come from as far away as Western Europe, Great Britain, Canada, and as close as neighboring towns and cities within Arizona itself. Our hope is to encourage more global educational outreach with this conference and build awareness of the great work we are doing in Arizona and the Southwest to preserve buildings, sites, and cultural places.


  • What partners and sponsors are present? We have seen small business owners and major corporate and public entities participate as our conference partners and sponsors. Typically, these participants are directly involved in historic preservation or in some way support the historic preservation efforts. They are organizations who derive some political or commercial benefit from being well represented at the conference and most are repeat planning or financial partners that we welcome back each year. We also welcome non-profit partners including museums, colleges, universities, municipalities, preservation-related non-profit affiliations, and more.


  • How do I see the agenda? A preliminary agenda is posted as soon as a good portion of it is completed. We will send an email and post the notice on social media and this website when the agenda is available.


  • Will a bookseller be on-site? Our goal is yes, but we continue to live in turbulent times, so this idea is always up for review.


  • How do I become a partner, sponsor, or advertiser? For detailed information and options, take a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities package. If you wish to go directly to the Sponsorship Application, click here to begin. We welcome companies and organizations that wish to sponsor the conference and have a great marketing package to offer for maximum exposure.


  • How do I become a speaker or presenter? Information coming soon!


  • How do I become an exhibitor? A limited number of exhibitor opportunities are available. Exhibitor tables will be displayed in the hotel lobby. Preference is given to organizations that sponsor the conference. Exhibitor-only options will be available later in the Fall of 2022 after all sponsorships have been exhausted. If you would like an exhibitor table, consider choosing a full sponsorship package that includes an exhibitor table. Remember that some sponsorship options also include free registrations. Visit the Sponsors page of this website for more information and a list of available options, or contact us!

  • How do I submit a Governor’s Award nomination? Information coming soon! Past award recipients are listed here.


  • How do I ensure my name is on the mailing list for the 2022 conference and future conferences? Visit the conference home page and see the “Join Our Mailing List” box to opt-in for future mailings and updates. Or contact us and we will ensure that your name is in our database for further communications. You may also join our Facebook page and become a fan.


  • How do I remove my name from the mailing list? Contact us with the word PLEASE REMOVE in the subject line and you will not receive any further communication. Or when you receive an email from conference planners, you can find an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email and quickly unsubscribe.


  • Where will the conference be in 2023? Wow, you're thinking ahead! We have not selected a spot for 2023. If you have ideas, contact us!

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