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How a Single Citizen Can Make a Difference in Strengthening a Historic Preservation Culture

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

View recording on the Arizona Preservation YouTube Channel


In the long run, educating young people about historic preservation, heritage, and civic memory is the key to a robust historic preservation culture in the future. Every community has the issue of strengthening citizen involvement. Even those that get involved, there's a struggle with making sure the involvement is positive and produces results. This session tells the story of one citizen's journey along the path of impacting the historic preservation culture of one community in a positive way by focusing on education and involvement.


You will learn how to establish trust and credibility, the building blocks of any change effort. The session shows clearly how a citizen with no formal power can get decision makers to take action on key components of history and heritage. You will come away with an understanding of how passion, credibility, and persistence can be as powerful as money and legislation when it comes to historic preservation (and other causes). 

About the Presenter

Steve Schumacher is an accomplished public speaker, author, and leadership consultant and has developed a passion for the history of greater Phoenix over the past ten years. Steve has authored two papers about the history of Phoenix and has given numerous presentations around the Valley about Phoenix history. He has worked closely with the staff of Pueblo Grande Museum and the City of Phoenix to increase education and awareness of our heritage throughout the Valley. Steve is active with the Phoenix History Consortium and Preserve Phoenix, and has been prominently featured on PBS Horizon and KTAR Radio segments.


Steve Schumacher

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