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Take Action to Save the Tucson Inn!

According to the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, Pima Community College threatens to demolish three National Register listed properties on Drachman Street, including the iconic Tucson Inn. THPF learned that PCC, initially committed to restoring and repurposing these properties, is now threatening demolition to create parking lots.

PCC’s estimated restoration costs have inexplicably surged from $10 million in 2022 to a staggering $35 million in 2023, marking an astonishing 250% increase. This exorbitant estimate nearly doubles the average cost of constructing a hospital in Los Angeles (the highest in the country). It's clear that something is amiss.

The cultural and historical significance of these buildings cannot be understated. Preserving them is vital for Tucson's urban core revitalization and the Oracle Area. PCC's commitment and the reuse of these buildings have been integral to the Thrive in the 05 initiative and the overall revitalization efforts in this part of our city.

Demolition would erase Tucson's cultural heritage, harm the Miracle Mile Historic District, and undo years of revitalization work. We cannot let that happen.

THPF implore you to join them in an immediate call to action to save these historic properties. Here are two powerful ways you can help:

  1. Email the College Board: Respectfully email or call the PCC Board and express your support for preserving and repurposing these three buildings. Emphasize their importance to Tucson's cultural heritage and economic development. Email:; call: 520-206-4747

  2. Attend the Public Study Session: On Monday, May 22 at 4 PM, a public study session will discuss the future of these buildings. Your presence and support at this meeting can make a significant impact. Address 4905 E Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85709

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