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Digging Our Way Through Arizona


This Arizona Preservation Webinar Series presentation highlights three intriguing archaeological projects in Arizona. One project, "Government and Commerce in the Original Phoenix Townsite: Archaeology and History of Development on Blocks 22 and 23 of the OPT," involved archival and archaeological investigations of two city blocks in downtown Phoenix. The study revealed evidence of three generations of buildings from 1871 to 1975, shedding light on the growth and impact of national economic conditions on Phoenix.

Another project, "Munguía," showcased at the 2022 Arizona Site Stewards Conference, focused on the Munguía homestead, submitted for protection and monitoring in 2005 by preservation archaeologist Jacquie Dale. The film, supported by Arizona State Parks, State Historic Preservation Office, and the Bureau of Land Management Tucson, delves into the rich Arizona ancestry of Don Tomás Munguía dating back to the 18th century.

Lastly, archaeological investigations at the Apex logging camp (1928-1936) in Summer 2022 unveiled the historical intersections of federal policies, local contexts, and personal stories of the camp's residents. The site's artifacts, features, and landscapes provided insights into the impact of Prohibition, the Grand Canyon Railway, and the camp's inhabitants. The presentation will discuss the recent findings of the Summer program and outline plans for the Summer 2023 season.

To view the YouTube video related to these projects, please click on the following link:

Digging Our Way Through Arizona
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