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Recognizing & Interpreting Historical Materials (Ceramics)


Whether you are a professional archaeologist, a current student, a historian, or simply someone with a keen interest in delving deeper into historical archaeology and learning how to recognize and interpret historical artifacts, you are cordially invited to a series of free webinars presented by the Historical Archaeology Advisory Committee (HAAC), the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the Arizona Preservation Foundation (APF). The upcoming online session on January 20, 2022 aims to provide insights into the fundamental technology behind ceramic production and how advancements in this field can facilitate the categorization and dating of similar ceramics. The webinar will cover topics such as: (1) grasping the concept of "style" and its identification, (2) understanding the techniques involved in ceramic production (including decoration), and (3) emphasizing the significance of establishing a reference library and comparative collection.

To view the YouTube video, simply click on the link provided below:

Recognizing & Interpreting Historical Materials (Ceramics)
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