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Tools, Hardware, Tack, & Personal Items


This presentation offers an overview of tools, hardware, tack, and personal belongings. The advent of new technologies in the twentieth century had a significant impact on the development of modern tools and hardware that are still widely used today. Given the significance of farming and ranching in Arizona's historical development, the presence of tack items in archaeological sites is not unexpected. Archaeologists have cataloged a diverse array of personal items discovered on these sites. Among the items commonly unearthed in Arizona are buttons, marbles, batteries, coins and tokens, and toys. A comprehension of these types of artifacts is crucial in determining the purpose and usage of a site, whether it was domestic (e.g., homesteads, farms, ranches), commercial and industrial (e.g., mines, railroads, general industry), or associated with work camps.

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Tools, Hardware, Tack, & Personal Items
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