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Our newest Board Member, Raymond Wong

The Arizona Preservation Foundation Board of Directors welcomes its newest board member, Raymond Wong of Chandler, Arizona.

Raymond's interest in historic preservation started young when visiting the Rosson House at Heritage Square in Downtown Phoenix. He liked the unique architecture found there. Years later, that interest led to him becoming a docent and board member.

When asked about a favorite project, Raymond shared a story of when he served as board president and efforts to secure the Stevens House on the property. The doll and toy museum housed in the building had moved out which raised a conversation about what would take its place: another rental tenant or part of Heritage Square? His diplomacy skills ended up winning over the torn Board of Directors with a speech asking, "What do we want to leave behind?" The Stevens House now belongs to Heritage Square and Rosson House Museum as a gift shop, generating revenue, providing extra space for the museum, and being an added attraction to Downtown.

After dedicating 25-30 years of service, Raymond is excited to expand his preservation knowledge and advocacy outside of Heritage Square. He says, “I do believe that Arizona is an important place in telling the story of America's Southwest.”

We are excited to welcome Raymond to our board. If you are interested in volunteering with the Foundation, send us a note.

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